Carrera Pro-X Evolution.
The digital revolution for slotcar racing thanks to Wany's know-how.

The Wany technology shift to allow a market leadership to appear.

The Carrera Evolution PRO-X slotcar circuits from Wany totally renewed the market of the slotcar racing products. Behind this successful product and the several awards it won are the engineers of Wany Toys and Robotics departments. They had developed and patented all the technologies and the entire technical design used in the Pro-X evolution circuit.

Wany licensed these technologies to Stadlbauer Group in order to launch a product with unprecedented features such as 4 cars per track capability, tactical overtaking, autonomous training vehicle, pit stop and wireless remote controls.

Carrera was bankrupted just before Stadlbauer Group buy it and now, thanks to the Wany’s know-how and technologies, Carrera is back in the playroom and is becoming the best leader of the slotcar circuit market.

This product took advantage of the expertise of the engineering teams of Wany and demonstrates how technology-enhanced toys can fit in cost effective electronics and provide a clear competitive advantage.

Dieter Stadlbauer from
Dr Dieter Stadlbauer

Unprecedented features:

Pro-X Evolution circuit took advantage from the following technical improvements:

Digital architecture:

Transitioning slot racing into a digital architecture allowed identifying every single car by a unique code. This improvement enabled lap counting, timing and ranking for a more realistic simulation and possibility to manage up to 8 cars in the same race.
Digital communications also enabled features such as better car simulation (fuel tank level, pit stop, pace car).

Wireless communications:

Using a communication system patented by Wany allowed the Carrera Pro-X Evolution line of products to feature convenient wireless remote controls. By this mean, controlling both the car and the change lane was possible.

By using Wany's technologies and know-how, Stadlbauer with it's Carrera brand was granted a clear competitive advantage over it competitors, it took several years before many of the slot cars brands manage to offer similar functions:

We are very happy that we have managed to increase sales eight years in a row, and we are particularly pleased that the German Federal Association of Toys Retailers (reg. ass.) [Bundesverband des Spielwaren-Einzelhandels e.V. (BVS)] voted Carrera as one the Top 10 Toys of the Year with our digital Carrera PRO-X racetrack system and the cable-free Carrera Wireless controller technology

Andreas Stadlbauer - 2006 Carrera Press release
Andreas Stadlbauer, Carrera,
Andreas Stadlbauer

Pro-X Highlights:

  • 1 to 4 drivers can play simultaneously
  • Up to 4 cars can race on one track simultaneously
  • Specially developed PRO-X lane change sections allow for overtaking at maximum speed
  • Individually coded, digitally controlled and special PRO-X cars
  • Possibility to play with a programmable training car
  • Pit stop lane and electronic PRO-X lap counter available as accessory
  • PRO-X can be extended with any basic track material, scale 1: 24
  • Special PRO-X cars, speed controllers, connecting tracks including Black Box and lap counter

Videos and pictures:

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