TargetBot: You can't zap me !

TargetBot is an Animated by Wany Robotics smart and interactive toys. It is equipped with a remote control, several distance sensors and features a advanced obstacle avoidance algorithm

An entertaining robot for kids (and their parents) !

TargetBot kept thousands of kids challenged and entertained for hours. It is equipped with advanced sensors and algorithm developed at Wany giving the ability to TargetBot to move autonomously and automatically avoid the obstacles around him.

TargetBot features six different modes adapted to the skills of its users: basic, precision and Top Gun shooting modes, alarm (detects intruders within a 20 inches perimeter), remote control and autonomous movement.

The obstacle avoidance is achieved thanks to 8 infrared distance sensors helped by a light sensor to detect the proximity of a human being.

TargetBot reacts to his environment with various sound and light effects including LED eye expressing its amazing personality.

Zig Zag Zog took advantage from the expertise of the Wany’s teams in the area of telemeter sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms.

TargetBot Packaging by the Sharper Image

TargetBot Highlights:

TargetBot is an interactive robotic toy developed by the teams of the Robotics and Toys divisions of Wany and integrates patented technologies. Zig Zag Zog is perfectly suitable for Ages 8 and up children (8+).

  • Once the mode selected, TargetBot is ready to interact with its environment and its remote control.
  • 8 infrared telemeter sensors and 1 light sensor for obstacle and child localization.
  • Sound effects.
  • Light effects.
  • Auto adaptative obstacle avoidance and speed control algorithm.
  • 6 different modes
  • Works on 2 “AA” and 3 “C” batteries.

Challenges and technical achievments:

Sensors integration:

TargetBot is equipped with five infrared telemeter sensors aiming to detect obstacles in the room and to evaluate the distance to the child in order to adapt the speed and behaviour of the robot.

Algorithm integration:

TargetBot features a patented obstacle avoidance algorithm optimized to work on a chip with a price compatible with the mass market.

Cost optimization:

TargetBot has been optimized in order to be produced at a cost compatible with the mass market. TargetBot is the proof that it is possible to develop and manufacture smart robotic toys at a reasonable price.

Pictures and videos:

TargetBot has been developed by Wany Toys and Wany Engineering from the concept stage to the manufacturing process, including the electronic design and the embedded software and algorithm development.