Zig Zag Zog: Catch me if you can !

Zig Zag Zog is an Animated by Wany Robotics smart and interactive toys. It is equipped with distance sensors and features a advanced obstacle avoidance algorithm

An interactive robot for infants and toddlers:

Zig Zag Zog is an amazing mobile toy for the early development of infants and toddlers. It is the perfect example of the contribution of robotic technologies to the design of smart, interactive toys.

Zig Zag Zog uses a patented technology combining low cost telemeter sensors and an advanced obstacle avoidance algorithm.

Once started, child has three minutes to catch Zig Zag Zog as he runs around the room playing sound and light effects and avoiding all the obstacles on his way.

Zig Zag Zog contributes to the improvement of the eye hand coordination of children and it automatically adapts itself according to the child’s skills. Indeed, Zig Zag Zog gets faster and faster after each time he’s caught. It accelerates and brakes, changes directions and some other tricks to make it harder to catch.

Zig Zag Zog took advantage from the expertise of the Wany’s teams in the area of telemeter sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms.

Zig Zag Zog Packaging

Zig Zag Zog Highlights:

Zig Zag Zog is an interactive robotic toy developed by the teams of the Robotics and Toys divisions of Wany and integrates patented technologies. Zig Zag Zog is perfectly suitable for Ages 2 and up children (2+).

  • Once pressed the head of Zig Zag Zog, child has three minutes to catch it.
  • 5 infrared telemeter sensors for obstacle and child localization.
  • Sound effects.
  • Light effects.
  • Auto adaptative obstacle avoidance and speed control algorithm.
  • Help kids develop hand eye coordination.
  • Works on 2 “AA” and 3 “C” batteries.

A multiple award-winner:

Zig Zag Zog is a multiple award-winner toys. It won an honor award from the National Parenting Publications.

2006: Seal of Excellence Award in Creative Child magazine Top Creative Toy Award program in the Toddler Toys Category.

2006: Active Toy Guide in the October issue of Better Homes & Gardens Magazine.

2007: National Parenting Publications Honors Award winner.

Challenges and technical achievments:

Sensors integration:

Zig Zag Zog is equipped with five infrared telemeter sensors aiming to detect obstacles in the room and to evaluate the distance to the child in order to adapt the speed and behaviour of the robot.

Algorithm integration:

Zig Zag Zog features a patented obstacle avoidance algorithm optimized to work on a chip with a price compatible with the mass market.

Cost optimization:

Zig Zag Zog has been optimized in order to be produced at a cost compatible with the mass market. Zig Zag Zog is the proof that it is possible to develop and manufacture smart robotic toys at a reasonable price.

Pictures and videos:

Zig Zag Zog has been developed by Wany Toys and Wany Engineering from the concept stage to the manufacturing process, including the electronic design and the embedded software and algorithm development.